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KreativMndz Core Team

Kolanie Marks, CEO & Founder ●
Eileen Torres, President & Co-Founder ●
Chloe Puff, KM Choreographer & KM Program Director ●


KreativMndz Dance Complex Administrative Team

Mei Torres, KM Administrative Coordinator ●
Chloe Puff, KM Choreographer & KM Program Director ●
Michelle Chavez, KMDC Competition Director ●
Shumon Wood, KM Choreographer & KMDC Competition Coordinator ●


KreativMndz Web Designer and Graphic Designers

Carlos Tiu, KM Webmaster and Graphic Designer
Suzanne Acode, KM Graphic Designer

KreativMndz Dance Complex Location:

12138 Mukilteo Speedway M106
Mukilteo, WA 98275

(Entrance is in the back of the building, lower level)

KreativMndz Dance Complex